Saturday, April 14, 2007
Trinite 2007


Trinite 2007 is the last promnite for me. This is the first time I ever spend so much money for an event.

* RM160 for hair dye & Highlight
* RM160 for hand & Leg Waxing
* RM75 for facial
* RM44.50 for sandals
* RM89 for ticket
* RM90 for accessories
* RM50 for hairdos & make up

TOTAL : RM668.50 overbudged RM29

Well, it's ok lo~ I like my hair, like the waxing, eventhough I get some rashes after wax and have to spend another RM60 for the ultra-calm ampule. Like the sandals too, it's the first time i bought a extremely red sandals.

I overspent my money in accessories. I can't help it, there so many beautiful accessories... so I end up buying one and another.

Well, me entire attire for that night not really complete tho. I forgotten the most important things which is the dress!!!!. I end up using the old dress which Ryan bought me. I never use that dress before, so I decided to wear that. Seriously, I don't like the way I look during that night. hahah... but what to do, tight budget. Sigh...

The Night

The night was beautiful, all the decorations, the ice sculpture... the lighting. It was nice. If want to compare, I would still say Trinite 2006 nicer :P (No offence ar). The girls and guys who are coming to this year promnite looks fabulous! Everyone looks so beautiful and elegant. Too bad I dont' have my own camera. My hp camera malfunction at the moment which is something that I very 'pek chek'ing'' even till now. Anyway, Every girls looks sexy and beautiful. I can hardly recognize some of them coz they looks so different in make up and dresses. Guys too... look so smart and handsome with coat. Love the scene ^^

The MCs was beautiful and handsome. Marion looked sexy with her golden dress. While, Joey G is cute. ^^

The performance was great. I like Vince, he's handsome, he's voice is great. I like his voices. I don't know how to describe it but it was nice. ^_^" He sang You're beautiful originally sung by James Blunt, and Breaking Free, soundtrack from High School Musical.

Dayang Nurfaizah was fabulous that night. I always a fan of her. I like her husky powerful voice. Love it very much. She sang If I ain't got you by Alicia Keys. During her performance, I was dragged to take pictures. T___T

Next performance was K-Town Clan. Well, they performance 3 songs... and I only heard one song before. ^_^" It was awkward situation, coz most of the audience never heard to song before. ^_^"

Nominations for the prom queen and king kinda a weird too. I think it was kinda out system. ^_^" I never heard any news regarding the nominations, and what's weird is they nominated as couple instead of individual. I understand that every year, they tried to come up a nomination system for prom king and queen. I still think, it is not the solution yet.

The food was unexpectedly delicious except the mushroom soup. >.< It's Chinese cuisine style buffet. It was delicious coz all of it is my favourite foods. LOL. I should have stuff my whole body with it. :p Like the dessert as well, even the butter cakes taste nice. Love it~!

So the night end with dancing session. I knew I won't be dancing and nobody will ask me to dance. Hahaha... we went took some pictures and went home.


Too bad ne~ suddenly I feel that it wasn't a typical prom nite event that I expect it to be. You know... like those in the movies. :p

Anyway... for me, the whole thing was just fine for me. Things went through below my expectation and something happened at the middle of the event. Somethings that is not good I can say. Made me puzzled the whole event and couldn't enjoy the night. I received smses that can cause a volcano to explode. I got scolded for nothing and went home crying till my eyes swollen... silly me.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Launching my new bloggy at Friendster~!
Won't be update this blog so often... hahahha... :p

Thanks for visiting this blog for so long and listening to my whining all the time.
Continue listening at my friendster blog la~ :p

Ja~ see at you there... :p


Friday, March 16, 2007
Not so lucky day...

I was planning to go back hometown today, but you know what... I spent RM12 for taxi just to find out that all bus to Klang already full. One of the reason I think is 1 or 2 counter has been close and I dont' know why but damn. It was my unlucky day.

I spend 1/2 hour in Ayamas alone... taking my lunch while thinking where should I go now. I was thinking to go MP alone... hunting for my prom dress and sandals but... I don't have the nerve to go there without clearly recognize the right bus to go there and to come back. Last last... I decided to take bus back to Bukit Beruang.

Not only I have to take bus back, I have to bare the anger that my umbrella was causing trouble and make me soaking wet for 15 mins under this sudden heavy rain weather situation.

Sigh... miss my hometown and bahkuteh T_______T

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Preparation for Trinite 2007

MMU official PromNite of the year is finally here. It will held in Hotel Equotorial on the 31st March 2007. It will be my last prom before I graduate. Lot of my friends are hyped about this. Most of them already have their dresses, booking for makeup and hairdo. Yet... I still haven't found my dress. ^_^"

On that day, Vince from AF coming for performance. Dayang Nurfaizah, Marion, Joey G and K-town Clan are coming too. I'm not quite a fan of them though, it always nice to have celebrity around. The more the merrier, right? :p

Well, it cost me Rm89 for the ticket alone. Luckily I got sponsors... ahaha :p if not, I don't think I can go there with few hundreds bucks in my bank account.

This friday I'm going back to Klang to shop for my dress and guess what. My mom will accompany me. ^^ Hopefully I can get a dress there as I can't find any in Melaka. All my friends already have their dresses and they start to shop for shoes and accessories. I'm yet to start mine. Well, no rush right? ^_^"

Hopefully I get better today as my body still aching coz I'm going to have my hair dye tomorrow.

Went for Audition

It took me 1 month and 1/2 to decide whether to join the competition. I'm talking about The Stage singing competition organized by MMU's English language Society. It will held on the 29th March 2007 and the audition will took place on the last day of February.

I have always wanted to try my luck in singing as I like to sing and it is not that I'm very good but I wish to feel the feelings of singing on stage. Plus, I'm kinda attracted to the prize. Hahaha... if I win that prize I don't have to ask my dad for money as he is financial tight himself. Besides, I take this opportunity to challenge myself. Thus... I decided to join the competition.

My friends supported me, though I'm not a very good singer but it never hurt to try. My Dear supported me, he always told me 'not to be nervous, try your best, drink a lot of water, and gambate'. ^^ That's already enough to motivate me. My kaiko also supported me. At first, he was very surprise when I told him that i'm going to audition coz it never appear to his mind that my voice would be different when I sing and when I talk. It's really funny to see his reaction. LoL. He's very supportive, even teach me what to do when I get nervous. LoL. I'm not only grateful to have such a great big brother. My other friends are supportive as well. They know last minute though coz I never tell them. :p

During that day of audition, I saw many contestant who work hard to get through as I see most of them rehearse very hard. They all are very good. If I compared, I will surely lose. ^_^" However, I tried to pull myself together. I believe that if I tried my best, I'll never regret later even if I failed. I already took the first step that not all people are willing to take. I believe I should be feel proud of myself and do the best I can.

I was the 40th contestant for the audition that day. I sang 'I have Nothing' by Whitney Houston. It's a bit too big song for me, I know. I chose this song coz this song forever touches my heart and plus, it is the only minus one that I can sing. >.< Well, I did Ok that day. I was nervous, my voice was shaking but I manage to reach the high pitch but then, it still not enough to get me through. ^_^"

Well... it is ok. Though I'm a bit dissappointed but after a while, I feel proud of myself because I took the challenge, went through it, though I failed, but I've gained the experience. ^^

Chinese New Year

You know, I really don't know what to say about this year Chinese New Year. I usually have the best meal of my life during the eve of Chinese New Year, together with my family. We will have shark fins soup, Abalone, Yu Sang and the Mangkuang dish (I don't know what you call that) every year at that special day. This year... not only we are imcomplete... my stepmom not here... the food is not as good as usual. Dad bought a cheaper Abalone, shark fin and there's not Mangkuang dish. Plus, the Yu Sang taste funny and I dont know why. Moreover, the situation when we sit together was awkward and I still dont' know why.

I feel terrible, maybe because of my stepmom, dad was financially tight and he is spiritually weak. He constantly miss her and he has to take care of my sister and plus my brother care more about his friend than his family and me being so far away. I'm not only feel bad coz I have to be away for study but I feel dissappointed because everytime I came back, my dad will complaint about my brother who constantly needed to be push to do something. Not only we have to push but we have to bare his anger and attitude.

You know, it is difficult to be strong when you keep falling apart. I feel sorry for myself for not able to be strong enough. I'm far away, and I have my problems too, living quite a deserted place with housemates that you are not familiar with and shops that are so far away are quite difficult. I have to depend on my friend who live opposite because they have car but the thing is, things have change. I'm not so close to them anymore, it is very difficult to ask for favor so many times but I realize I couldn't do everything by my own. I still have to depend on others. Sigh... I'm not only financially tight, my health are not good too. My body weak, I eat too little and less exercise. I just went to see doctor yesterday. I'm in UTI, luckily it's not serious and didn't get fever for it. Doctor said I'm strong enough to fight the fever. Well, I doubt it. ^_^"

Anyway, back to the topic... this year, I didn't gamble, or drink any beers and I only eat Yu Sang once. I feel sorry for myself though T_T. Piggy year is not so lucky for Piggy. T_T Aih~ but then, I'm lucky to have Dear with me. He came to pai nian on the 3rd. My dad seems to like him. ahaha... I went to his uncle's house, they are friendly. Likes to jokes, reminds me of my birth mother and my Ah Yee. This year I didn't went there for 'pai nian' coz... she told me not to and plus, I can't find anytime to go since my bro went camping with his friends and I have to go back to MLK early. Dear send me back to Mlk with his cute car without air-con. :P It's ok lo, I'm happy. hahahah.... He took all the trouble to fetch me and send me already made me happy lor.

Lastly, few days before the Chinese New year ends. We have a bbq in my friend's house and we had a great time. I had a lot of sausages and chicken balls. ^_^" All the friends that came are future accountants. I get to listen their future path. Most of the time, I keep quiet coz that is what I do. ^_^" Before I went back, they were planning to gamble but then, I think I'm kinda out of cash. So I back off and plus... I had to sleep early.

Just Another Valentine

I haven't update my blog for 1 month now... ^_^" gomei gomei~You guys must be wondering what had happened to me. Well if I wanted to start talking... it will be a long long longggg story. I tried to make it short.

So.. what happen after Feb 10? Special day such as Valentine Days? ^_^" Well, this year nothing special happen. I didn't get any flowers, or chocolate or a fancy dinner... It is just like a normal day. My dear are busy during that time. He has to rush his work before cny. It's his natural job, I understand it well. The job that require a lot of hardwork and creativity. It is not an easy job though. I understand... a bit dissappointed but it is ok. It just another Valentine.

Oh ya, I went to Jusco with Lay Fen for dinner and shopping. Just to spend the free time with each other so that we don't feel alone. If not both of us will be alone in the house and feel sorry for ourselves. ^_^" LOL

1 year has passed since the last Valentine. Last year was a bit special though, coz I actually bought roses to my friends coz one of my friend likes blue roses that's why I bought it. My friend still keeping that blue rose. I'm happy o. That blue roses reminds me a lot of memory...hahaha feel like crying... :P Anyway...Valentines is not just about couples, it is a day when we celebrate Love - towards your friends, your family and your love one.



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